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9 Hole Reviews

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Seasoned "Newbies"

We hope this project sheds light on design history, performance and genuine observations. 

We come from families and cultural backgrounds with limited  firearms present.

Our drive to searching for unfiltered observations directly stems from a passion for firearms and shooting sports... stifled with years of frustration from hearsay, rumors, and unreliable tales.

Henry Chan

  • US Army Ordnance Officer

  • Long Range Shooter

  • Service Rifle Competitor

  • Scuba Diver (wrecks - deep water)

  • Dad


Josh Mazzola

  • USPSA Competitor

    • Grand Master Class - PCC

    • Master Class - Production Pistol

  • Short Range Firearms trainer​

  • Mountaineering Enthusiast

The 9HR Newsletter

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