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Shooter Ready.

Practical Accuracy

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Close Range

Hosts from 9 Hole Reviews tests a variety of rifles, SMGs, Pistols, and Shotguns on a "Run-and-Gun" style range course, to evaluate the effectiveness of the platform respective to the constraints of balancing accuracy and speed.


Targets and shooting positions challenge the shooter with open targets designed to flex speed, targets taken on the move, no-shoot/partial targets, barricade shooting, reloads and a 35M long shot, designed to force the point of accuracy after a bout of speed shooting at close ranges.

Long Range

A 9 Hole Reviews marksman tests rifles on a distance-graduated course out to 500y, 800y, or 1,100y. 


The shooter and observer evaluates rifles on sighting systems, ballistic performance and ergonomics. 

Ultimately, environmental variables, shooter condition and even the system's heat have an effect on a rifle's performance. 

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Draw your own conclusions. How did the firearms stack against one another? 

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