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Mk12 Mod 0 BCM Upper | IMI 5.56 77gr Match (Razor Core)


Alright, welcome to 9-hole reviews. We’re looking at the BCM Mk12 Mod0 upper today.

BCM, or Bravo Company originally released these uppers in 2010.

This BCM variant originally has the Flat Dark Earth PRI handguard prior being painted. And Yes, we are aware that it does not have the clone correct rail, and scope.

The soldiers and sailors who were issued the Mk12 put whatever they wanted to on them anyway.

This rifle sports a Vortex PST 2.5-10x32, LaRue LT104 mount, KAC 300m rear sight, standard A2 stock/ buffer weight, Geissele SSA-E trigger and loads of walmart rattle can paint. Fit and finish are great.

For more than a grand, it damned well better be great.

It comes standard with PRI front sights. The upper uses a BCM 410 stainless steel barrel at a 1:8 twist rate so it’ll handle your 55grains up to 77 grains.

Good news, because we’re testing it with IMI 77Gr OTM Razor core.

We’ll run a review on this ammo later but this upper likes it. We’ve run 800 rounds of the 77 grains through it with no issues.

The rifle’s gas was spot on with the stock rifle buffer

all casings landed 4 feet in the 4 to 5 o’clock position

in a neat little pile

The upper is full of BCM laser engravings.

You can’t see the one under the rear sight because of the paint but you damned well can see the bolt carrier

We’re shooting 9-holes per grouping as we don't believe

in cheating ourselves with the 5 shots groups

We shot two groups at 100 yards.

I messed up the two of the nine shots in the first group, and then the second group held fine. So the first grouping measures out with a cluster of 0.788 inches and an overall grouping of 2.29 inches with my dodgy caffeinated trigger finger the second group to came out to be 1.068 inches so the rifle is actually pretty consistent with how it's performed in the past with the 800 rounds we've shot through it

0.8 to 1 MOA is what we've seen and 0.8 to 1 MOA is what we're getting today.

BCM lists the upper for $129 and you compare that to PRI's $1556, that's quite a discount to it. But keep in mind that the BCM upper does not come with the original Ops Inc brake and collar We found the cheapest equivalent on Capitol Armory for $99 and the collar for $29. Meaning the BCM upper really costs $1427 o be equivalent to what you get from PRI prior to shipping or taxes charged.

That would be $129 cheaper went to public school and don't have your phone calculator with you.

All in all? The upper is worth the buy if you’re somebody who likes accuracy is willing to feed it match grade ammunition and willing to purchase some decent glass it's never going to be clone correct with the laser engravings unless you blast and re-anodize it, but still then the BCM doesn't come with the original Douglas barrel that PRI does.

Can you put in more accurate ar 15, together for cheaper? Sure you can, but if you're looking at the Mk12 upper, it sounds like you, like to spend your weekend afternoons in your backyard, pretending to be this guy.

Thanks for watching stay tuned and will push some more videos up soon!

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